About Me


Hi there! I’m Benedict Tomczyk-Bowen, an experienced children’s media professional who’s been working in animation, television, advertising, film and print since 2001, including on projects for Disney TV, Aardman Animation, Nickleodeon and HiT Entertainment, amongst many others.

My work is primarily in story development – whether boarding visual narrative, writing and editing or putting together concepts and ideas for animated content. I enjoy both writing and drawing equally, which led to me create a greenlit series for Nickelodeon, Ooman and Moof, that I developed for them internally as both a writer and artist. I also enjoy producing my own comics, both independently and for clients if requested!

I’m capable of ensuring the realisation of animated content via on-spec pitch and working boards, plus I have a solid foundation of animation production knowledge from layout to design.  My extensive animation boarding experience includes working both 3D and on-model, highly posed 2D productions, which means I have good working understanding of different animation styles.

Examples available on the Portfolio Samples page – scroll down to see more, click through to view sequences (make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser). Samples are from past productions; please ask to see more recent work if required.

To contact me please use the drop down menu above or click here and I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

For a full credit list please click here for my Linked-In page